A simpler web

How about:

Just a website, with thoughts from its owner, articles how to do things, commentary on things they find interesting. And simple hyperlinks connecting it all together.

It just might be possible!

I have a simple solution for this. Writing content in clear-text markdown and using a shellscript to turn it all into nicely formatted html to be served statically. No weird JavaScript frontend talking to a shoddy REST service here!

Of course I don’t mind nicely implemented websites, but to be honest the vast majority out there suffer from very defective craftsmanship. Which I can understand. Being ahead of the curve has its costs, especially when the curve curves in a different direction, or turns out to be a dead end.

I think, when it comes to a page that has no specific requirements from someone paying money to the designer, then I’d prefer keeping things simple and minimal.

A simpler web may seem lazy in some ways. That’s fine. With some more effort I’d find some good, smart text editor that hints me into using only the most common words (Simple English dictionary?) in the name of simplicity.

It’s back!

Unlike last time, it’s now with SSL. Also cleared out some old and boring articles, and the ground-shattering innovation of putting the article names in the page titles.

More additions are directory support and some simple comments. I also added some metadata support so I can prettify the page titles on the index page, but I probably won’t get around to modify every single article just for this.