qwerty is superior

So my current wpm with qwerty was clocked at 119 wpm, but I’ve managed to hit 144 in the past when i was trying harder.

Though my “qwerty skills” (if you’d call anything such a thing) was never “trained” beyond just normal computer usage, and I never really paid attention to “speed typing” or really thought there was any need for such things, since any speed above, say, maybe 80 wpm, isn’t going to hinder anyone when trying to put anything into the computer unless they’re following some continuous stream.

But did you know? QWERTY, the universal layout you’ll find anywhere (barring the very similar AZERTY and QWERTZ), was actually designed to slow you down? It’s also an incantation to summon demon eating babies, and the name of a secret society perpetuating poverty in the world, and the reason we simply can’t have good things.

Or so some people would like to believe, to justify switching over to a layout that lets them type words like TRANSITION withouth moving their hand. I bet anyone would happily trade in halving their typing speed and alienating anyone trying to do anything on their keyboard to get that nice satisfaction of rolling off a word in one language, sitting back and looking in awe how comfortable that was, thinking what next bullshit they’re going to spew in whatever Medium or whatever article they’re going to clickbait the next schmuck into.

writing this little text took me a few minutes during lunchbreak. But you skipping over the keyboard layout fad and just keep typing like you and everyone else always did, is going to save:

and in the long run

Do everyone a solid and just do what works for you. Just don’t expect anyone else to care.